We have unveiled the new version of our VR platform Fader. It features a new and improved editor and a 360º media library that allows you to share 360º media assets with other Fader users and browse through our public dataset of immersive content.

Watch this tutorial for more information.

These changes open up a whole new set of opportunities for you as an immersive storyteller.

Transition. With a really cool fade.

For the past months, we have been working hard to offer a better, faster, more robust version of Fader. A VR platform which you can enjoy while discovering awesome 360º stories and/or creating your own stories easily and fast. 

SO, what has changed? Based on the continuous dialog with our users, we focused on two major improvements:

1. An immersive media library, which allows you to

  • Access your uploaded media assets in any of your Fader stories,

  • Publish your own 360º content and allow others to use it in their stories,

  • Browse through the public media library and use others’ 360º content.

This is big because you can now start creating Fader stories collaboratively and you have more control over what happens with your own 360º photos and videos. For example, you can define a media item to be publicly available and therefore invite others to actively use your content.

New Fader Editor. The asset bar is on the right and the scenes are at the bottom now. We offer direct access to a media library which means the handling of media assets have been optimized tremendously.

2. An improved Fader editor, which now allows you to

  • Access the media library directly and include individual media assets into your 360º story,

  • Define the duration of each scene (e.g. in a scene with a 360º picture, you can actually say whether it should be shown for 2 seconds or for 200 seconds),

  • Select a thumbnail for your published story.

We want you to be able to create and share your interactive 360º stories. And with Fader you can do so. In minutes. What do you need for that? Nothing really. Just log in and try it out yourself. Use the public media library and create your first Fader stories instantly.

What else?

Besides the new and improved editor and our 360º media library, we also decided to go with a new Fader logo. Thanks to our designer Natalia Chaparro. She also designed our media library and has given up tons of ideas for further updates on our platform. So, stay tuned, she outlined some awesome new things for us in the future. #visiontalk

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