Text can navigate viewers through interactive 360º stories. Text can also be used for a menu at the beginning of a story or for credits at the end of a story. 

With Fader, you can easily add text to your stories and since Fader is a web-based platform, you can change/edit/delete/add more text to your story at any time, even after you had published your story.

First log in, create a new story and go to title card.

The text feature opens up even more features, specifically available for your text block.

All you have to do is write a headline and write a body and it will automatically appear inside your preview scene.

You can also change the color of your text.

You can even add a frame and a background to your text.

Also, you can re-position your text, make it larger, smaller ... 

You can add more text blocks to the same scene and if you want to use a 360º photo or video in the background of your text, you can do so as well.

Quick and easy with Fader.

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