How To

This is how you do it:

  1. You login and you can go to all your projects in an overview. 

  2. When you are hovering over the individual stories, you see a few options for each story. For example, you can edit them by clicking on edit and that will send you to the editor. Also, you can get the analytics of a particular story, like how many people were watching this story at a certain time and how many assets you used for this story.You can also see delete which is self-explanatory. 

  3. You can copy the story. If you click on copy, you can give your new story a new title right away. 

  4. This will send you straight to the editor but now you are inside the copied version of the story. On the right hand side in you content bar, you see that all the original items from the original story. Now you can replace individual images or videos or even hotspots but the rest remains the same.

  5. When you go back to your projects, you will see that both stories now exist. By the way, the copied version is set on private which means nobody can see it unless you publish it or share a direct link. 

Why would you want to do that? Well, if you have created this really long, intricate Fader story before – with many different scenes and hotspots and now you want to create another one with the same navigation logic: instead of having to create a new story, you can build on top of what you already have.

In the past, some of our users have created interactive Fader stories that work like quizzes. You go to one scene and you will find a question and hotspots with multiple response options and if you want to keep that for your next story, you now can with this copy-button. Also, other users just wanted to use the exact same story but in a different language. For them, the copy button also makes sense.

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