Let them turn to the left to the left, let them turn to the right, up and down and allow them to get comfortable wherever they are within your story. 

360º doesn’t work like a Facebook feed or a Twitter timeline where you have to create these thumb-stoppers within the first 2 seconds to get attention. 360º is a slower medium where viewers get to explore the environment.

How To

So, on Fader, there are three ways to define the length of one scene.

This is how it works:

  1. Go to your projects or just create a new project and then there are three different ways that define the length of your scene.

  2. Number One: If there is a video in your scene , then the scene length is defined by the length of the video per default. You cannot change it. Once the video is done, the Fader player will move to the next scene. Also, if there is an audio inside your scene, then your scene length is defined by the length of the audio per default.

  3. Number Two: Let’s say you only have a 360º picture in your scene or just a text. Then, you actually should define the length of the scene. At the bottom right, you can do so. Per default, it says 12 seconds and now you can change it there as well. We recommend to keep a 360º picture for at least 8 seconds up to allow your viewers to actually move around. The same goes for a 3D-environment.

  4. Number three is more of an FYI: If there is a scene with an interactive hotspot, the scene will not be skipped until your viewer is actually using this hotspot.

Ok, sothere are these three options that have an impact on the length of anindividual scene. 

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