and if want to make sure that people know who the story is from right away. As a content creator, you want to define how the player looks like. 

In Fader, you can customize your 

  • player logo, 

  • hotspot icons,

  • font,

  • color scheme of the player. 

That way, you can fully integrate your Fader stories within your website without it looking different from your other content.

How To

  1. You log in and you go to account settings.

  2. Here you can see and change your email address that was used to create your account. We need it to confirm your account (You can change it at any time). 

  3. You can add or change your display name. The display name will be shown underneath your Fader player. When you change the display name, you’ll see the change on all your stories right away (If your display name is an organization, for example your company or your newsroom, you can also claim your stories within the Fader editor and specify the author of a specific story). 

  4. You can also add your surname and first name but they won’t be shown anywhere.

  5. When you switch to project settings, there are different options available. 

  6. Allow to add an author name to each story. This is helpful if you work for an organization with multiple potential Fader users, then you can claim specific Fader stories by adding your personal name to a respective Fader story. 

  7. Define whether you want your Fader stories to be muted or unmuted when your audience first plays a Fader story.

  8. Upload your own logo and it will be shown within the player. 

  9. Customize all the icons within your stories, e.g. audio, image and video icons. 

  10. Upload your company’s font and define the color scheme within the player.

These are all features which have been requested by our users. We are keen on providing them and make sure that Fader stories can be displayed on other websites and can be modified according to your needs. 

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