Slideshows are combinations of audio and images and maybe a caption and then you play the audio and the images keep changing. 

Many of our users asked for this feature and it is nice additional way to display additional information in a more interactive and experimental way.

This is how you can do it within the Fader editor:

  1. You log in and add new story and you get to your Fader editor.

  2. Now you add new media which you will use to create a slideshow (in our case, we will need audio for the slideshow and some beautiful pictures).

  3. Close the media library.

  4. Click on audio and add your mp3 file or wav file or ogg file (Fader allows various sound files to be uploaded).

  5. Click on interactive hotspot within the audio menue (this means that the audio won’t play throughout the duration of the scene but will only play when your viewers actually hit the hotspot).

  6. Add a caption. 

  7. Add slides. --> So, you can add pictures to that audio and create your own slideshow within a Fader 360º scene.What it will do is: it takes the length of the audio and divides the time of each slide by the number of pictures you have included. So, the more pictures you use, the faster the slides will change. The shorter the audio, the faster the slides will change.

  8. Go to preview and see how it will play out for you audience.

I think this is one example of how fader is truly special. You don’t have to go to other editors first, you can do a lot of stuff in Fader right away. And by doing so, you add value to your story by interactions you would not find in other 360º players.

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