Maybe because they have seen this part of the story, or maybe because they cannot wait to see how the narrative unfolds by the end. You can now allow your viewers to do so by displaying these scenes within the player.

How To

This is how it works.

  1. You log and create a new story. 

  2. You add scenes to your story. 

  3. You see at the bottom right: “Allow jump to”. When you click on it, you allow this scene to be displayed within the Fader player (you can also name individual scenes for overview purposes).

  4. When you click on preview, you can see that you actually added a navigation bar to the player and viewers can now jump to these scenes. 

In thepast, some of our users have created interactive Fader stories that played withthe navigation bar. Some were shown, others were hidden so that viewers couldnot preview them … as a surprise. 

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