The cool thing about Fader is that you don't have to manually save anything. Since Fader is web-based, all you actions are saved automatically. So, once you are finished building your story, you can either preview it right away or you can actually share it with others.
You click on share.

Now, there are two options: 

  1. Share on Fader Discover for others to search for it and watch it. 
  2. Share privately. That means, you can send the link to your colleagues/friends and they can watch the story without it being shown on Fader Discover.

Both options allow you to use the iframe option which means you can add your Fader story to your own website. 

Extra perk: When you click on the thumbnail, you can even change your thumbnail picture.

Since Fader is web-based, you can always change your sharing options. Once it is public, you can turn it back into private mode and vice versa. Fader is super flexible in that way. Also, you can share/add/delete scenes even after the story has been published. No more exporting and uploading videos. Do it quick and easy with Fader.

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